ILK Custom Cabinetry

1. I Love Kitchens Cabinetry (ILK Cabinetry)

ILK Cabinetry products are German engineered and made in BC Canada. We inspect every order at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure it meets our exceptionally high standards. We also do our best to source locally made materials in an effort to support B.C. businesses and to reduce manufacturing lead-time.

2. Top-of-the-line Hardware

ILK Cabinetry only trusts European engineered and manufactured hardware for our cabinetry: Hettich and Blum are the companies we trust to meet the requirements ILK Cabinetry has for handling, longevity and reliability without compromise.

3. Traditional workmanship staining techniques

For quality reasons, ILK Cabinetry decided to use the labor intensive old and traditional process to apply the stain color to the wood instead of the less labor intensive application process done by machines. To guarantee a smooth surface and even color, all parts are machine and hand sanded before the stain application process begins. Our skilled craftsmen apply the stain manual, give it some time to penetrate into the wood and wiping off the excess. Only this process ensure the coloration of each inch of the wood, an even color and avoids the “Halo” effect(lighter liners around the center panel of a frame door)

4. Finish

ILK Cabinetry is proud to select most finishing products from Chemcaft. Their product is made in Canada. They cooperate with a German company in research and development and are a sister company of a Dutch multinational corporation.

5. Optimized cabinet construction and production methods

ILK Cabinetry combined old craftsmanship cabinet manufacturing methods with most modern CNC machinery to build our solid cabinets. We use dowel and glue connection on finished gables and dowel,glue and screw connection if invisible. Our CNC machinery for routing, drilling and edge taping. Guarantee absolute square cabinet. As we never stop to optimize our methods further, we can always assure the highest level of quality.

6. Eye for Detail

ILK Cabinetry`s eye for detail doesn’t stop at the front, it transfers over to the inside too. Our dovetail drawer Boxes are out solid wood and don’t have sharp edges, unfinished surfaces, or un-sanded joints. The inside of the cabinets is made of UV coated birch plywood, instead of melamine.

7. State-of-the-art machinery

ILK Cabinetry has always the newest technology available for the manufacturing process: This ensures that you always get state-of-the-art manufactured cabinets with a vide variety of customizable options.

8. Warranty

Our team worked very hard in the past years to earn the outstanding reputation for quality and exceptional service that is equivalent with ILK Cabinertry’s name. We are so pround and confident in the quality of all products produced, supplied and installed by us, that we offer our limited lifetime warranty for as long as our customers owns it. For more information.